Sunday Menu

Sunday Menu

Every weekend, my husband (when he’s not working) and I try to cook as many of the week’s meals as we can.  We usually make a casserole of some sort, a pasta dish, and a rice dish.

Sometimes we follow recipes; sometimes we don’t.

Tomorrow, we plan on making:

  1. Stuffed bell peppers (stuffed with tomatillo rice)
  2. Vegetarian shepherd’s pie (with zucchini, butternut squash, mushrooms, and whatever else I can find in my fridge)

I’m not really sure what else we’ll make.  Today, we went Thistledown Farms and bought a poblano pepper, four gargantuan bell peppers, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, (advertised as bodacious) corn, sweet onions and tomatillos (and of course, pumpkins.  It was a pumpkin patch after all).    I have some Laura Chenel’s goat cheese in the fridge that I bought last week at the MoC.  That might be good with fresh roasted tomato sauce and penne.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to write down recipes as we create so that I can share them.  Pictures would be nice to offer as well,  but I am downright terrible at photographing food.  I’m only good at taking mediocre facebook pictures.  Hopefully, my husband has an unknown talent we can exploit.


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