Sunday Menu


I am really struggling with motivation to cook this weekend.  We really didn’t do much grocery shopping yesterday, either.  I was too intent on getting my middle aged man cat, Hector, from Green Hill Humane Society.

What I did manage to buy from the grocery store:

tempeh, mushrooms, fake sausage, sweet potatoes, bread, and butter

What I already have in the fridge:

bell peppers, carrots, jalapeños, onions, and garlic

So, without motivation, inspiration, or compatible ingredients, I’m getting a little worried that I won’t be able to cook meals for the week.  We may just have to wing it, which means eating out. Every. Single. Night.  Which we can’t afford.  Hmm…

Well, here is one recipe I will definitely make this week, as I have mashed sweet potatoes in the fridge left over from sweet potato yeast bread that the husband made last week:

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Tempeh: something I keep buying that I don’t exactly love, but hope to love one day.

With the tempeh, I may make:

Tempeh Bourgogne


Tempeh Fajitas?

Or I may just eat pizza, burritos, and Chinese food all week.

And cuddle with my new cat:


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