Interesting Food Links, News, and Recipes: Thanksgiving Edition


Quiche for Thanksgiving? Not so sure about that.

I’d definitely rather have quiche for Thanksgiving than this monstrosity.

Does anyone buy anything but Stovetop, anyway?

Wow.  Just, wow.

Turnip puree with fried onions? Um.

Pumpkin tacos, anyone?


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  1. I clicked through on the Thanskgiving Turkey Cake link, being a Brit I am kind of fascinated with Thanksgiving, I thought this was something traditional that I had not heard of before…but nope, it is just weird, vile-looking and v. funny! It even has step-by-step photographic instructions. I love that.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      I thought it was pretty vile, too! It was fun to scour the Internet, looking for strange Thanksgiving recipes. Sorry for not giving you a more traditional Thanksgiving experience! 🙂

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