Cooking with the Little Brother


My husband, 20 year old brother, and I went to visit my husband’s parents for a few days this week.  We left my 15 year old brother behind at home.  Poor little buddy was in charge of tending to my sick cat while I got to go on vacation.  So, when we returned to my dad and brother’s house, I asked the brother (Daniel) what he’d like me to cook for dinner–anything he wanted, especially for him.

The request?  Pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn.

So, on the three hour drive back to Daniel’s house, my husband and I picked up the ingredients for dinner.  The only thing I couldn’t find was parsley.  I could hardly believe it.  (Luckily, my dad picked some up on his way home.)

For Daniel, and with Daniel, we cooked fried pork chops, roasted garlic and parsley red potatoes, gravy, and corn.  I haven’t cooked pork chops in over a year and I was nervous about over or under cooking them.  But–they were perfect.  Everything was perfect.

I also planned on making  this, but Safeway didn’t have fennel, either! I saw this soup yesterday on Barefoot Contessa and it looks ridiculously good.  I’ll have to make it when I get home.

In other news:

My dad brought home brussel sprouts–on a stick.  Or a branch?


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