Cream of Pissed Off Mushroom Soup


I feel like a bowl of cream of mushroom soup right now. Particularly the condensed kind with the red and white label.  A little lumpy.  Salty. Gray.

(Pardon me while I wallow in my gray soupy-ness.)

If I make my own, instead of relying on Campbell’s, the soup could be earthy, silky, creamy, floral from fresh thyme–

I just bought some cremini and oyster mushrooms from the Market of Choice. Fresh thyme.  A shallot. I could roast the mushrooms before making them into soup.  Roast the shallot and some garlic, too.  Hmm.  Would make for a darker soup.

Hmm.  I should stop feeding my sorrow and making weak metaphors.

I’ve always been a better soup-maker than metaphor-maker, anyway.


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