Hummus Obsession


Living in Eugene, Oregon has turned me into a hummus fiend.   So, as I sit on my couch, in my pajamas, trying to motivate myself to shower and start my day, I google hummus recipes.  I tell myself that I’m doing you all a public service–finding outrageous hummus recipes so you don’t have to waste your valuable time.  Lazy?  Nah.  A couch potato?  No way!  I’m just helping you guys expand your hummus horizons.

You’re welcome.

Beet Hummus

Chipotle Hummus

Slow Roasted Tomato Hummus

Parsley Hummus

Green Olive Hummus

Moroccan Carrot Hummus

Lemon Ginger Hummus

Creamy Peanut butter Hummus

Cinnamon Peanut butter Hummus

Sweet Potato Hummus

Cucumber Dill Hummus

Kale and Sundried Tomato Hummus

Curried Pineapple Hummus

Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus

P.S.  The impetus for this hummus dump (did I actually just type that phrase?) was Jeff asking me if I’d ever come across a recipe for hummus made with bacon grease.  I haven’t, but wow.  Just, wow.


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  1. ……………..Hummus with fresh beets.As many of you know if youre Facebook-friendly with me I am a bit of a hummus addict. I love garlicky hummus lemony hummus hummus with and without tahini hummus with avocados and coconut oil hummus with roasted red peppers hummus with pine nuts hummus with 40 spices hummus with sundried tomatoes. So when I saw hot pink hummus in the prepared food section of my local co-op I knew I had to give it a try..What was the secret ingredient that made it look suspiciously like the homemade play-doh I made recently?

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