Chicken Sausages and Bacon…


It is so strange to be eating meat again.  I don’t find myself craving it or even particularly liking it when I eat it or cook it these days–but I do find the familiarity comforting.  And I really need the comfort.

(My husband is making me add this caveat: I really do like bacon.  It cannot be defamed.)

So, with wine in hand and indie singer-songwriter stuff that makes my husband groan playing on my laptop, I set out to make some comfort food on this peaceful Sunday evening.

On the menu tonight:

Potato soup (red potatoes, milk, flour, bacon and its grease, celery, old bay seasoning, s and p, onion, garlic, vegetable stock)

Tomato sauce with chicken sausage and oyster mushrooms

(crushed and diced tomatoes, red wine, chicken sausage, basil, s and p, oyster mushrooms)

Roasted acorn squash with brown sugar and chili powder

The squash will be for dinner tonight–along with a salad and porkchops.

The sauce will go with either polenta or noodles during the week for dinner or lunches.  The potato soup will reheat nicely for the same purposes.

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