Sunday Morning Menu Planning


I have really been slacking lately on the weekend cooking and blogging.   I’ve just been too tired and pressed for time to take extra time to plan meals.  But today, from the comfort of my bed, with Hector curled up at my feet, I’ve had the pleasure to search for recipes.

Yesterday, we went to Winco and bought a few items.  I got some peppered bacon, garlic chicken sausage, oyster mushrooms, and a few other things.  I really haven’t found any recipes online that I want to make, but I do have some ideas of my own.

It’s been a long time since I’ve made a pot of potato soup.  Potato soup is one of those dishes that reminds me of my childhood.  Everyone in my family had their own version of this cheap, stretch your dollars sort of meal.  Potatoes, a piece or two of cured or smoked pig product, an onion, celery, a bit of milk, flour.  Simple and uninteresting ingredients that, once combined, turn into something comforting and rather rich and heartyrobust, even.

So, with my bacon and a handful of potatoes, I’ll make some soup today.

With the sausage and mushrooms, I’ve been thinking about some sort of pasta dish.   Maybe pasta with a spicy, chunky sauce.  Or perhaps the sauce could go over polenta.

I also have some tempeh and bell peppers in the fridge that have been patiently waiting in the fridge for me to use. I had intended to make stuffed peppers–but throwing the tempeh and peppers into a pot of chili sounds even better.

Going into this post, I thought I had a stronger plan.  Hmm.  I may end up making nothing I blogged about.  I think I need another cup of coffee and some time in the kitchen.


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