Chicken Fried Steak


I have no idea where I learned to cook chicken fried steak.  Did my aunt Shiela used to make it?  My grandma?  My mom certainly didn’t.  The closest she came to chicken fried steak was this vile recipe she’d make with cube steak.  It involved cube steak simmered in a packet of mushroom gravy mix and milk.  She used to serve it with mashed potatoes and whatever vegetable from a can she decided to open that day.  My mom was a great cook–but whatever inspired her to take a cube steak (which is one step above dog food, unless cooked properly) and swim it in a mushroom and salt lick slurry…I’ll never know.

So, tonight, I will make chicken fried steak.  It’s really easy. Here’s an idea of what I’ll do:  Pioneer Woman’s Recipe.

I won’t follow the recipe–it’s more of a method than a step-by-step experience.

So, however you fry your chicken, fry the cube steak in the same fashion.  Do you dip it in milk/egg and then flour, back into the milk/egg, and into the flour again?  I think that’s what the Pioneer Woman does.  Do you just dip your chicken in flour?  Whatever you do, I think the most important piece to remember is to season your flour or whatever you use to coat the cube steak.

After the cube steak is cooked and nice and crispy, make a gravy from what’s left over in the pan.


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