The Best Chicken and Rice Recipe


I found this recipe on Epicurious a couple of months ago.  I made it, don’t really recall blogging about it, but have been having embarrassingly frequent thoughts about this rice and chicken dish (who thinks about chicken and rice? Really?).

Changes I’ve made in the recipe?  Added a splash of white wine, dried cherries instead of currants, and bone-in and skin intact, present, and accounted for chicken thighs.

Be adventurous with this recipe–even if you scrunch your nose at the concept of dried cherries and cinnamon sticks swimming around with chicken thighs and rice.  I cannot tell you how much I’d love to swim around in the pan with those ingredients as they simmer on my stove right now.

So, as that is simmering away, I am already planning a second dish for tonight: roasted tomato, oyster mushroom, and garlic pasta with mizithra.  No recipe for this one; I’m just going to wing it.


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  1. Years ago I stopped collecting cookbooks and gave most of them away. Except for Mark Bittman.

    This book is AWESOME. This man got is all right. The book is uniquely creative, wonderfully conceived, and easily approachable. There is no food snobbery here. The joy of this book, as with Mr. Bittmans columns and his great book “How To Cook Everything” is that it…

  2. There’s something eminently soothing about Chicken and Rice. Not to mention, like you, I love to add things to give it a just a bit of me. More often than not it’s garlic…lots and lots of garlic. But cinnamon sticks, curry powder, lemon, and olives are among my favorite things to jazz things up. Thanks! Donna

    • Yes, soothing! Chicken and rice come together to make something magical, no doubt. Thanks for the comment! 🙂 Definitely try this recipe. I cannot rave enough about the cinnamon and dried cherries.

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