Trying to Find a New Normal


This summer has been full of monumental changes that have affected my life in big and small ways.  School starts next week and I am quickly trying to establish some semblance of order to my life and trying to find a new normal.

One thing I am trying to do these days is figure out how to grocery shop and cook for one person.  In the chaos of trying to find center for myself, I have been eating out A LOT.  Too much take out, too many cheeseburgers–and my roommate has brought home fried chicken on a couple occasions. The love I have for fried chicken skin knows no bounds.

I need to start cooking again and ban fast food and soda from my life. NEED.

I have cooked a bit this summer.  Most notably, I made this last week. The roommate took it to work for lunch and said it was great. I even caught him eating a bowl of it cold, straight out of the fridge.

I also made oven roasted salsa, using the cherry tomatoes growing on my porch, last week.  And tonight, I will make some blueberry ketchup.

I hope everyone’s summers are going well…

I will updating more frequently as I dive back into cooking this fall.  Stay tuned…


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