Friday Afternoon Musings: Corned Beef and Steak Sandwiches


The boyfriend and I spent the greater part of the afternoon running errands. Now, I’m home, drinking a beer, listening to the Bob Dylan station on Pandora, and googling recipes. We went to Market of Choice before coming home and we got a steak (for dinner tonight) and a slab of corned beef for dinner tomorrow. We’ve been talking about corned beef all week–and believe it or not I will be a corned beef virgin tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to try it. I’ve been doing some research, inspired by this post at Serious Eats. Even though corned beef is a ubiquitous St. Patrick’s Day recipe, it’s hardly an Irish national dish. Most people in Ireland don’t even eat the stuff. But–Irish Americans and everyone else (who seems to think they are Irish on St. Patrick’s day) swears by the stuff, so I will be preparing it tomorrow.

But what to make tonight? I bought the steak because it was on sale. Quickly, the boyfriend suggested steak sandwiches, so look for that post later tonight.

What are all of you doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Any special recipes, traditions, or plans? Any tried and true Irish or “Irish” recipes you’re fond of?


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