Summertime Sadness


I don’t even want to look back and see when I last posted to this blog. I’m sure it’s been an embarrassingly long time. But here I am again, with the obligatory “I swear I’m back into blogging; I hope you’re ready for a wild ride” post. Ok, maybe I can’t promise you a wild ride. Or any kind of actual ride. Or anything wild. But as always, I give you a piece of myself and hope you don’t judge too harshly as you enjoy a meal or experience with me via blogging.

I can’t be the only teacher who hits a summertime slump. I’m so used to getting up at 5, leaving for work at 6:30, and not getting home until 5:30. Every 55 minutes or so, I have a new class and I know what’s expected of me. I have a rigorous schedule, bright and shiny and pimply faces have expectations of me, and I’m well suited for this type of life. But when summer hits and I have nothing but time, the Internet, cable, and sweats, all self-restraint and regulation go out the window. Granted, this summer I do have two step-kiddos to play with half of the week, and I am getting my Masters, which includes homework six nights a week, but I’m still in a funk.

I decided yesterday that I need to give myself a schedule and a purpose. First order of business: Getting up with Henry at 5:30 when he goes to work…and NOT going back to bed. He suggests I get back into yoga, which I may. This apartment would also appreciate a regular cleaning. There is blogging, of course. Wedding planning to do. (Also some Hells Kitchen and Candy Crush Saga…a girl’s gotta have some fun, right?) And my homework from Henry for the day: Researching homebrewing hard apple cider.

So, I am going to make a habit of throwing blogging into my daily schedule. You’ll see more kid-friendly recipes and our homebrewing adventure. Wish me luck and you’ll hear from me soon…


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  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one adjusting to summer life. And it IS an adjustment. Wanting to be motivated is in a major battle with massive amounts of free time. I told myself I’d take the first two weeks and just BE. To quit doing, doing, doing all day. I have some long term goals out there somewhere, vaguley nagging at me to get off the couch, but then two weeks off turns into three….

    Sometimes I wonder if the year-round schools have a better deal, where they get just a month off at a time. A month off feels like a nice long vacation, nothing more. We have just enough time to feel like we can have another life, but not quite enough time to really live that life. Summer is always bittersweet for that reason.

    I just try to see this time as a gift: a gift to rest and recuperate from a very stressful job. A time to learn something new and to read, read, read. Time to indulge in those things I have had to put aside during the school year.

    When we have this much time to ourselves, that inner critic can have our undivided attention, and often hits a few nerves. I can’t help that, but I can decide how I’m going to react. It sounds like you have too, and everything you vow to do will help.

    Yoga is wonderful for releasing the physical aspect of that voice, when it manifests itself as stress. Housecleaning and cooking do wonders for your peace of mind.

    Just some thoughts. Soon enough you’ll be back in the classroom and wonder, “Where did summer go?”

    • Good thoughts, friend. Glad to know I am not the only lost summer soul out there. I am excited to start yoga again and cooking for fun more. Haha…these are first world problems. I am going to get off my ass.

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