Ok, you caught me.


I played hooky from yoga again. Tomorrow, my irresponsibility stops. Promise.

In other news, yesterday, I attempted to make Smothered Chicken. It smelled amazing. All of the ingredients were fresh and delicious. But. In this instance, the parts were better than their sum. And, holy grease bath, batman. I don’t know what I did (oh, besides the whole cream, butter, cheese, and bacon grease…) to make it so greasy. Oh, wait. Nevermind.  I was going to blog about it, but yeah. No.

We are going to go pick up the little people later today, and we need groceries, so I started to menu plan.  We have tilapia in the freezer and Henry keeps begging me for ground beef tacos. The tilapia, I can work with. I will make this. The ground beef tacos? The last time we made tacos, we can a coinciding stomach flu hit our house. The last thing I ate before, ahem…I ralphed? Those tacos. We haven’t eaten it since. Henry loves Mexican food–and every time we go out to a Mexican restaurant, he orders Chile Colorado. I think if I make it for him as a surprise, he’ll forget about the tacos. I will likely use this recipe.

In other news, I went through a box this morning that included:

  • love letters from my first love (circa 2000)
  • letters from my ex-mother in law (bring on the crazy)
  • old grammar tests (damn, I did good!)
  • letters students wrote me for my birthday during student teaching (circa 2009)
  • papers I wrote in high school

Wow. What a trip.

Happy Friday! Gotta finish cleaning the apartment before the kiddos get here to wreck it! 🙂


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