Can I get a 2 and 5 year old to eat thai curry?


Tilapia in a thai coconut curry sauce, to be exact.  I’ve got the fact that the five year old loves fish on my side. And she’ll eat carrots and sugar snap peas. The two year old is a hard sell.

Speaking of the two year old…imagine this. I had my recipe written on the back of an old bill’s envelope. Ingredients out. Pan hot and ready. The recipe is coming together perfectly. It’s the best (dare I say it?) curry I’ve made and the two year old is crying from the living room, saying his tummy hurts. I finish dinner, get it dished up, and put on their little table. The five year old inhales it, green curry sauce, snap peas, carrots, brown rice and all. The two year old whines. Henry and I debate whether or not he was constipated or was going to have diarrhea.

One vote for diarrhea. One for constipated. We continue eating. The two year old even tries some of the tilapia. Whines some more, squeezes out a few tears. Then silence. And then the muggy stench. Afraid to look, Henry finally lifts the shirt and checks the diaper. Doesn’t even need to lift the shirt–or can’t rather. It’s stuck to the toddler’s back.

Poop 1

Dinner 0

I sense a reemerging theme in my new life. And it’s smelly.

Tilapia with Green Coconut Curry

Post Script:

The curry was damn good. Please try it. Tweak it. I added some fish sauce, sriracha, sugar snap peas, and carrots instead of the veggies the recipe suggested. Delicious.

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  1. I started out soft with The OffSpring and their introduction to curry. Trader Joe’s yellow curry powder in a jar. *gasp* Blasphemous, I know. Yet…. it was love at first bite.
    Love! ❤

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