And the summer is ending with a pee diaper in my face


Good morning!  It’s 7:51 and I’m watching a cartoon with the two year old. I woke up this morning with an over peed diaper (attached to a cute boy right) next to my face. When he crawls into bed with us, he has no regard for what he crawls over or what he sticks where. Pee diaper face is not exactly the best way to start a day.

We went to dinner last night, just me, Henry, and the two year old. Lok Yuan–the best Chinese in Eugene. I just have to laugh…by the time Henry and I were done eating, the two year old was STILL gnawing on a piece of bbq pork he snagged 30 minutes earlier. I think he thought he wouldn’t have to eat dinner if he just took a really long time to eat one bite of food. “Eat your dinner!” Henry would encourage, and the two year old would point to his mouth, as if to remind us that he was, in fact, eating.

That being said, his entire dinner is sitting in a Styrofoam box in the fridge. More leftovers for me. Can’t complain about that.

I go back to work next Monday. I am wholly unprepared. This summer has been awesome and we have taken advantage of every day of it. We’ve hiked, and ocean’d, and swam, and road tripped, and zoo’d, and played. But now our custody arrangement has changed, the five year old starts kindergarten, Henry starts college, and I start work again. Fun is over.  It makes me slightly nauseated thinking about all we have to do and all that has to fall into place within the next couple weeks.

So, in parting, as I need to finish my coffee and get some snuggles in, I leave you with a cute picture of the two year old mowing down on a slice of pizza from North Fork Brewery. 


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