Week’s Menu Plan


Suffice it to say, next week is going to be hellish. A full time teacher, grad student, half-time step mom, full-time struggler with anxiety…I am all of these things. What keeps me sane is a schedule, a plan, some cuddling, and laughter. School starts next week for me, for the 5 year old, Henry is trying to get his license and a car, and we are scrambling to just make a schedule and make it fair, effective, and efficient for everyone.

As I am trying to wrangle control over my life, I’ve found that week-long menu planning is a life saver. There is always something in the crock pot, or just the right ingredients in the fridge for a great meal.  That being said, here’s my plan, Stan:

Saturday night: Teriyaki chicken and potstickers. This is a throwback meal. Our one year anniversary is coming up on Wednesday, and this meal makes me remember our early dating. It may be the first thing he made for me. It’s nothing fancy. Just chicken + teriyaki sauce + potstickers from the freezer aisle. Dude food. 🙂 But it’s good and easy, and it’s a nod to where I was a year ago with Henry, so that’s why it’s for dinner tonight.

Sunday: Sour Cream noodle bake from the Pioneer Woman

Monday: Rosemary Mustard Grilled Chicken with a Vegetable Tian

Tuesday: Chicken Taco Casserole

Wednesday: Anniversary Dinner!

Thursday: Henry is cooking

Friday: Soup and Sandwiches

Saturday: Pizza

Wish me luck, friends!  Fellow teachers, good luck and let’s get it done!


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