Sunday Morning Procrastination


I think our ice storm has ended–I can hear the drips and cracks outside of the trees warming up. If things keep melting and clearing up, there will likely be school tomorrow (sorry, kids and teachers [and me! sad face]). I am still my pajamas–and I am thinking that I mention that in every blog post, which leads me to believe that you all must believe I never get dressed. On the contrary, my friends–on long snowed in weekends, I shower and change into clean pajamas. No shame in that. Not even a little bit.

The two year old is playing with the computer his grandma bought him–and it’s loud and obnoxious. I have spent the morning snatching the obnoxious toys out of his hands–but at this point, I surrender. I cannot win. So I will drink my 4th cup of coffee, contemplate getting dressed, and post some interesting recipe links I found this morning.

(Turtles are good swimmers…turt…tur..t..tur..turtles are goo…ttt…tt…turt…Ok. I am taking that toy away.)

Slow Cooker Southwestern Chicken Pasta  I am always looking for family friendly casserole or slow cooker recipes. This looks like a slightly different twist on a few recipes I already make.

Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup  Henry and I talk about opening a soup and sandwich shop sometime in our future. I love making soups and this is one I haven’t tried yet.

Orange Chicken  Closet Cooking is an amazing blog. I need to cook more of his recipes.

Eggs Fried in Onion Rings  What?!

Slow Cooker BBQ Mac and Cheese

Chili Colorado from the Homesick Texan. This is, by far, Henry’s favorite food. I am always trying to find the best recipe. From what I know about this blog and the recipes, this very well be our new household favorite.

Ok. Enough wasting time. I need to get dressed. We’ve got to go pick up the five year old soon. I miss her little face. Here’s a photo taken the day after we moved to our new apartment. These kids love their arts and crafts.



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