Obligatory apology for long absence

Obligatory apology for long absence

Half of the reason it’s so hard to get back into blogging after a long hiatus is the explanation I have to give as to why I was absent, and how I vow to turn over a new leaf and boy you guys, get ready for this new chapter in my life. I cringe to think how many times I have done that little song and dance since starting this blog.

So, I am not doing that. Instead, I am going to tell you that I have been ruminating about blogging and I think I am finally ready to stick my toe back into the vast ocean of information we call blogging. 

Well, since I am foregoing the apology, I’ll just jump right in.  I got married last month. Here are the highlights.


wedding1 wedding2 wedding3


You can see we had wedding pie, an ominous, stormy backdrop to the ceremony, and lots of dancing. It was a whirlwind, kind of soggy, very emotional, fun, and perfect. After the wedding, we spent a few days at Yosemite.  That consisted of lots of driving, terrible California drivers, triple digit temperatures, hiking, arguing, having conversations with the GPS, and long train rides.  Highlights: Yosemite Rose Bed and Breakfast, sushi with family and friends, swimming, and listening to A Song of Ice and Fire on the train and in the jacuzzi tub. And the whole being married part was pretty cool, too. 🙂

We came back to a messy apartment, family drama, and an intimidating “to do” list. Then Henry sliced his toe off (well, not off, but nearly off). So now we are sitting around, waiting for it to heal. He’s not even supposed to be walking around. The long and short of this rambling exposition is that summer has been an adventure so far and we have quite a bit of summer left.

The sitting around the apartment has had its benefits. One of them being I stumbled upon two recipes that I am scheming to make.  The first is okonomiyaki. I have never had this dish before–and I have never spoken with anyone who has eaten it or made it. I’m just intrigued. I went to the Asian grocery store yesterday and got kewpie mayo, pickled ginger, and okonomi sauce. The rest of the ingredients are fresh and I’ll be able to get them from Winco.

The next recipe is for gingersnaps made with…bacon grease instead of butter. I plan on using bacon in the okonomiyaki and reserving the fat for the cookies. Ridiculous? But of course! Stay tuned…



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  1. Okonomiyaki was my favorite thing to eat when I went to Japan! You would order your ingredients and then they would bring you a bowl of stuff and you would grill it at a little grill at your table. Super fun and super tasty. Can’t wait to hear it turns out!

    • What sorts of ingredients were available? As I look through recipes, I see that there are a few staples, but I also see that it can vary wildly.

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