Me and my dad at my wedding, June 2014


My name is Jenn and I’m a high school English teacher in Oregon. I am a new step-mom to a loving and rambunctious three year old and a dramatic and affectionate six year old. I teach, cook, try to ignore my messy apartment, hike, go on adventures with my family, and spend time with my husband, Henry.

I have had this blog since 2008. That means it’s seen me through my mother’s death, my divorce, my stints dating a microbiologist who hated poor people, a hirsute Viking with a passion for life, and a homeless, Anarchist musician who stole my time, money, and heart– and now my marriage with an amazing man and new family. It’s been a wild ride. After my life fell apart, it was patched back together with sticky hands, legos, barbies, and lots and lots of love. And food. Let’s not forget the food.

I hope you stay awhile and laugh, cringe, cry, learn, teach, and eat with me.

I can guarantee it’ll be interesting.


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