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Interesting Food Links, News, and Recipes


Spicy Squash Salad with Lentils and Goat Cheese

Homemade Twix

Patented Glo-fish Sushi? How One Activist Is Cooking with Experimental Frankenfoods to Raise Consciousness About GMOs

The husband thought this was funny…I feel the need to apologize for posting this.

13 Bloody Halloween Recipes

Wines to Pair with Your Halloween Candy


Interesting Food Links, News, and Recipes of the Day

  1. Deep Fried Halloween Candy
  2. Food Celebrity Halloween Costumes
  3. Can’t figure out what to make for dinner?  This site will save you a lot of trouble…
  4. This is why you’re huge…
  5. He just wants 12 of them…

Interesting Food News, Links, and Recipes of the Day


1.  Soup Swaps?

2.   Our Meals, Ourselves: A Short History of Food Writing

3.  Seriously Asian: Durian

4.  Cavemen Ate Carbs

5. How Halloween and Candy Became BFFs

6.  My favorite way to drink juice

7.  Jellyfish

8.  For some reason, this simple recipe mesmerizes me.

9.  This one is mesmerizing, too–but it’s definitely not simple.